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Being diagnosed with breast cancer is traumatic but we're here to help you through this difficult time with our dedicated and caring staff.

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We offer the latest drug treatments and radiation therapies, to ensure that you have the best possible outcome and recovery.

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We utilise the latest technological developments in cancer treatment and care to offer you the best clinical approach for your individual situation.

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Our surgeons and doctors are acknowledged as being among the best in their field, and offer the highest possible standard of treatment and care.

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A/Prof David Gillett retires

A/Prof David Gillett retires

Surgery was the passion and excitement of my life. I was always interested in the developments and excited by the...

Introducing our new surgeons

Introducing our new surgeons

The Strathfield Breast Centre is pleased to announce that two new breast surgeons and a plastic surgeon have joined the...


  • Megan’s Story — A personal experience Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2002.
 Here is her story… Megan was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2002. After undergoing a mastectomy and axillary gland dissection, Megan went on to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy. During this time, Megan and her partner, Steve, kept a diary and when their journey was...
  • There’s nothing quite as uplifting a bit of good news on the breast cancer front. And the statistics released this week by Cancer Council Victoria is just that. More Victorian women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are beating it, with 89% of them still alive after the magical 5-year survival period. That’s significantly up on the survival rates some 20 years...
  • I wish to express my sincere appreciation in regards to the care I received from chemotherapy nurse Lucy Li. I commenced a four month chemotherapy treatment program, following on from breast surgery in April 2014. During my chemotherapy treatment I found Lucy to be extremely professional, compassionate and diligent. Lucy provided me with great care in between treatment days, contacting...
  • In a flash the wig, Was on my head, The parting was crooked, And my wig was uncombed. The lady jumped up, I thought that it, Was in joy, But it was in fright. I hadn’t told her, That I was, Wearing a wig. She was expecting, Short haired me. Once the wig, Was combed, The stunned look, Was gone,...