About us

For more than 25 years The Strathfield Breast Centre has been delivering a comprehensive service of diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of both breast cancer and other benign breast conditions.

We offer cutting-edge technology, on-site multidisciplinary experts, planning conferences for treatments, support groups, second opinion services and clinical research. Our commitment is to rapid diagnosis and initiation of evidence based best practice, early treatment.

The Strathfield Breast Centre is known both nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence with high rates of breast conservation for patients with breast cancer. Importantly, our survival rates, based on outcomes of the large number of patients we have treated are equal to or better than established bench marks.

At The Strathfield Breast Centre, our specialized health care professionals treat every woman diagnosed with breast cancer with quality and compassionate care utilizing the latest technology. Patients can therefore expect the highest standard of coordinated care and support in their breast cancer journey with us.

Our Mission:

To promote breast health particularly by increasing breast cancer awareness by promoting early detection and to educate our patients and our community about breast cancer and breast health.


Exceptional People. Extraordinary Care. Every Time.

We want every person affected by breast disease, including breast cancer to get the best treatment, information and support. We also want to see improved survival rates and optimal support for breast cancer patients and their families.

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