A/Prof David Gillett retires

A/Prof David Gillett retires

Surgery was the passion and excitement of my life. I was always interested in the developments and excited by the improvements in management and patient outcomes. Training surgeons was a great joy.

Establishing The Strathfield Breast Centre together with my close colleague, Hugh Carmalt in 1989 was an important part of my career. I received great pride and satisfaction from what was considered, a world class centre of excellence, and from working with my professional colleagues. A pivotal part of The Strathfield Breast Centre’s was its database of breast cancer patients used for research, teaching, audit (both internal and external) and benchmarking at both national and international levels.

I woke daily and cheerfully went to work, although of later years I ceased Sunday ward rounds.
After long years as a doctor and 52 years as an operating surgeon I felt it time to stop operating and continued to consult and follow up my patients which allowed me to ease into retirement.

I greatly appreciated patient contact individually or in multi discipline clinics and my farewell afternoon tea was of enormous joy to me.

This next phase is proving to be most satisfactory and I am now enjoying it immensely. Relaxing, reading, cooking, travelling, studying French and messing around with boats. I am content.

Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing — absolutely nothing — half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.