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Dr J. Symonds 61 2 9747 3789
Dr N. Janu 61 2 9646 3494
Dr G. Molland 61 2 9899 7322
Dr M. Joseph 61 2 8746 0055
Dr L. Gluch 61 2 9744 3319 (Option 2)
Dr B. Chan 61 2 9744 3319 (Option 4)
61 2 1300 729 197
Dr Roslyn Cohen 61 2 9744 3319 (Option 3)
Dr Charon Weston 61 2 9747 3789
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Visiting us:

The Strathfield Breast Centre is conveniently located in the Medical Centre of Strathfield Private Hospital at 3 Everton Road.

If you are travelling by public transport, the hospital is only 300 metres from the Strathfield railway station and bus interchange. Should you choose to come by car, there is metered parking in Everton Road (2p $3.00) and Wentworth Road (1p $3.00 or $12.00 all day). Unmetered parking is available in Cooper Street and the adjoining streets; however it is limited to 1 hour.

The alternative is the Valet Parking service offered by the hospital between 7am and 3.30pm on most weekdays at a cost of $15.00. To take advantage of this service, you should drive into the hospital entrance and leave your car keys with the Valet. Please note that Valet parking is subject to availability.

The Strathfield Breast Centre
Strathfield Private Hospital Medical Centre
3-5 Everton Road
Strathfield NSW 2135