Healthcare Imaging Services (Strathfield Imaging Centre) is collocated with The Strathfield Breast Centre in Strathfield Private Hospital. It is equipped with modern technology, and the specialized experience of the radiologists, radiographers and ultrasonographers make this unit a centre of excellence in breast radiology. Approximately 5,000 mammogram examinations are performed each year using dedicated mammography machines. Diagnostic techniques include high resolution breast ultrasound, stereotactic- and ultrasound-guided core biopsies, fine needle aspirations, preoperative localization procedures and galactograms. The hospital department is also equipped as expected in a teaching hospital, so x-ray examinations and CT scanning can usually be done without prior booking at the time you visit your breast specialist. Particular attention is paid to maintaining optimal quality of mammograms through daily testing of equipment.

Mammography is still our best diagnostic tool in the early detection of breast cancer. In some instances, however, a mammogram may be inconclusive and breast ultrasound can be performed on the spot all within the same visit. Mammography and ultrasound complement one another, allowing the doctor to differentiate between common benign cysts and solid lesions requiring still further tests.

A fine needle aspiration biopsy may be offered, guided by ultrasound or a mammogram machine. The passage of a very thin needle into the area of concern allows collection of cellular material to be examined by a pathologist. Within one working day, and often the same day, the result will be available to your breast specialist. A core biopsy of the breast is just as commonly required and is guided by the same methods; it has the benefit of allowing a more specific diagnosis from the pathologist, which in days gone by would have required a surgical operation.

A galactogram is another specialized procedure available at our centre. By introducing an x-ray dye the radiologist is able to obtain an accurate picture of the ducts in cases of a nipple discharge.

These examinations are carried out in a private environment. The common experience elsewhere of waiting days for results is eliminated as your breast health concerns are addressed at the time of your visit.

Staff at Strathfield Imaging Centre are trained to understand how you may feel when a mammogram or biopsy is needed and to welcome you warmly. A radiologist is always present to address your unique needs. You are not alone.