To be told I had a malignant lump,
Came as rather a blow.
In fact it quite gave me the hump,
I just didn’t want to know.
However, the friendly Professor,
Told us that there was no doubt.
The lump just shouldn’t be there,
It simply had to come out.
As specimens were taken,
And sent off to pathology.
The results all proved that he was right,
Now, what will happen to me!
To start with, an operation,
To remove the wretched thing.
Sixteen glands also taken,
Leaving me with a painful ‘left wing’.
Chemo and Radiotherapy,
And Hormone treatment too.
The three doctors together discussed these things,
Before deciding what they would do.
They decided that Hormone therapy,
Would be the best thing for me,
And when the wounds were completely healed,
They would start Radiotherapy.
Now, the Hormone treatment I have started,
To catch on to those stray cancer cells.
My left arm is still sore and tender,
I’m surprised just how much is swells.
The breast drain has finally dried up,
So what do we do each day?
I have Radiotherapy treatment,
In the gold old RPA.
The staff there are all very friendly,
So helpful, showing they care.
Making the daily treatment,
So much easier to bear.
For treatment I lay on a table,
Have fresh marks near my tattoos each day.
Put in position, with such precision,
I just lie still and quietly pray.
The first day of radiation,
A man from “Medtronic’ was there.
To check met trusty pacemaker,
And he found no problem there.
On some days I have three treatments,
And other days I have four.
When all this treatment is finished,
I pray I’ll not need any more.

Hilda Forbes